Artist's statement

one of the biggest acts of creation is that of our selves.
i use painting to grow with, learn about, and be challenged by this world.
still learning, i push paint around to recreate the feeling of motion while standing still.

aren't we beautiful - how we change every day

IMG_0475 (1).jpg


having come from the sea -
i always find my way back to her.

IMG_0469 (1).jpg


the feel of dew, mountain bliss, mossy ground, puddles dripping into riverbeds.

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for sale

the only place to purchase any of my original works

LGBTQ youth initiative:

it meant so much to me to have a piece of art from an LGBTQ person when i was younger. Ani Difranco signed a poster for me and I hung it up on my door for seven years, keeping it as a source of inspiration and strength (until one day my cat ate it - that was a v sad day.)

i know it will be impossible for many lgbtq youth to afford purchasing one of my paintings, especially in light of other life-related expenses for queer & trans folk - such as buying a binder, gender affirming clothing, and saving money for therapy or other services.

if you are fortunate & would like to donate a painting to a youth, please click here: DONATE

$25+ covers an original acrylic painting sent directly to an LGBTQ youth

if you donate, please use the form below to let me know that you did so i can keep you updated on where the painting you donated is heading <3 <3

To request a commissioned piece or more information, please use the form below:

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